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We are an independent distributor for Nature's Sunshine Products. The finest herbs, nutritionals, aromatherapy, and flower essence products you will find. Nature's Sunshine Products is North America's oldest and largest herb manufacturer and holds to the highest quality control standards.

I have been a Licensed Acupuncturist for 11 years and a Practitioner of Natural Medicine for over 25 years. I have experienced the benefits of integrating Eastern and Western healing modalities; after experiencing the comprehensive product line of NSP, I am convinced this represents more wholeness in the practice of Wellness. NSP's Aromatherapy is effective. It is a high vibration, energetic means for renewing the body/mind temple. Specializing in detoxification and pain management, I am consistently finding that several formulas in this wonderful line of products are efficient, consistent potency and therefore, effective and user-friendly.

We can talk more if you'd like.... Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our products or would like information about improving your health and wellness. We would be pleased to consult with you.

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Peace and Blessings,
Alyce Hopkins, L.Ac., ADS

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